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hello from ireland / pics of some of my manta's!!

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hi all my names brendan o'brien, i was rep for south east of ireland for omoc hopefully again very soon, i have a 88 1.8 exclusive coupe,85 mattig kitted manta 2ltr gsi,84 2.4 i240, 83 1.8 coupe, 73 manta A 1.9s, hope to chat to you all soon!

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some of my cars

my 1973 manta A org irish car bought it a few years ago for restoration, hopefully sometime this year might get round to it,


my 1985 mattig 2ltr gsi, featured in fast car mag




one of our meet ups, the 88 dark grey coupe is my everyday car,


my 1984 i240 just pulled out of the barn after 12 years mostly cosmetic damage small crash before parked up, it is a steve tompson car,



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Do you know the original reg of the i240 so as to see if it is known to the club?

I could be wrong (probably will prove to be) but that may very well be the original reg of the i240 if it was first registered in Leitrim.

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yes indeed IT33 is the original reg and it letrim, car was belong to an opel dealership in clondalkon dublin its an original steve tompson car she has all the extras for the i240

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hi how r u !! im new too this !! am im jus wonderin do u knw any 1 frm ireland wit front lights and and back lights for 1980 manta it got passed to me from my father as he got sick so im tryin to get wat i can !!the is in our family for about 8 years !! i would b greatfull if u could let me knw if u knw of any !! tanx

lovely collection of mantas u ave !!!

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