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My first project - 1984 White Manta GTE Hatch


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Started on my first project hopefully shown below as this is also my first attempt to post pictures.

Looked ok when I bought it but a fair bit of rust under the skin

Probably an easy fix for the more experienced Manta nuts.

Have now removed the interior and will post more pics if I can get this to work DSCF00241.jpg


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It does look very clean Goose There is something about White Manta's! Any other car and I would hate the colour, but Manta's always look fantastic!

Looks like a nice little project... So what lurks underneath then? Is there much weldong to do?

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looks very clean, is this the one that was on ebay a few weeks ago

Looks like it, I was going to look at that one and then I found my blue Exclusive and plumped for that instead.

She looks very clean, what's the damage?

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Aye and its just roond thi corner fae ma hoose, popped in tae see Bruce thi night.


A little TLC and wan braw Hatch noo two Mantas in Dunblane


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Yes it twas the one on e-bay a few time but I bought direct from seller.

Cheers to Rab for coming round last night and giving it the once over and me a few pointers. It will be a wee while before its in as good nick as his - top motor DSCF00221.jpg













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Nae probs Goose mi man any help jist shout roond thi corner, how`s yur neighbors for the grinder going at 10pm thats when you find out if you have good next door neighbors or not awe gid fun.


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Got the Manta down to my mates Garage and up on the ramps for a proper look underneath. Good news lots of welding previously done to a pretty good standard so nothing required from below.

Have left the car with him to sort the other welding bits in the pictures.

Only other problem was an oil leak from the seal at the back end of the gearbox where the driveshaft connects. Didn't look difficult to replace the seal any advice??

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That don't look too bad to me, fairly standard stuff and not too far gone to end up with a really nice car when it's done.

Crack on with it and enjoy!!

P.S. White is the best colour for a GTE, closely followed by silver!

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  • 4 months later...

Update on my project.

Still at my mates garage undergoing major surgery now.

Passenger side has been welded/repaired but had to fit new sill as although the car looked ok on closer inspection it was held together by fibreglass

Probably going to be laid up over winter while he does the othes side and fits new wings front panel etc.

Keen to get cracking with puting it back on the road but now aiming for next spring as a likely target.


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  • 5 months later...

Drivers side now had cills and floor replaced.

Both Front wings have now been removed and revealed a couple of rust pockets at the inner wing base near the doors but pretty solid otherwise.

replacement parts still to fit which are all rust free - Driver and passenger doors, both front wings, and bonnet.

One of the replacement wings an indicator one does not trying to decide if I should add or remove an indicator.

Also have twin headlights which I like on other Mantas but not sure if I should keep my car standard.

Will post pics later this week.

Urgently require front valance as rust has got to the part where the valance connects to the front wings - can anyone help????



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Looks a nice Hatch Goose . You will find the rust in the usual places ... Check around he sun-roof . & .............

In fact ,

You wont need any advice . you have your very own Manta Guru beside you ' RAB '

who could need any more help than that ... throw away your 'Haynnes' manual &

get in the "GlenFiddich" You'll av awe braw mota in naw tyme !!!!

All the best with it :D


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Rear bearing seal on gearbox is simple enough to do. Bearing obtainable from : http.//www.Bearingkits.co.uk for a few quid. (Manta 5 speed gearbox seals).

They are obtainable from Vauxhall - but at silly money.

First get the kit & gearbox oil, drain gearbox - then release propshaft (split at rubber coupling) & slide out - remove old bearing - replace with new , I used a hammer & large socket once the bearing was in place & 'true - refit propshaft. That simple (if your're lucky - I was). Replace oil.

I didn't use any sealant on my bearing though some people use the green gunk available from your local Vx dealer.

If you're really lucky the propshaft bearing end will not be scored - if it is then you may (or will) get a slight leak after a few hundred miles again - but usually only the odd drip.

Good luck with the car, hope it's on the road soon.

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