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1988 GT Exclusive hatch


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Very nicely done this. I'm starting to get a bit more into originality as I'm getting older but as long as I keep seeing well fitted ICE installs and descrete mods like this then I'll never go completely mad :D

There is a JBL speaker set that fits quite well into the original manta speaker holes either side of the parcel shelf, but I'm sure the one's you have are loud enough. Also lucky you've fitted that drifting steering wheel with all the snow :lol:

Likewise I do like originality these days(and Radio 2 plays good tunes!!?),aye gettin' older for sure......but I do like my music and this installation looks really good especially as it isn't butchering a parcel shelf.

I'm gonna do the same I think....I did replace the oval shaped speakers in my hatch with something slightly better but they still don't do AC/DC justice.

As for the front the usual thing is to move the door pocket back but I'd be keen to do something at the A pillar/kick panel instead.

Leon-liking your work and glad I spotted this topic. Like the Golf by the way,my missus just sold hers(Mk1) last year, she'd had it for 10 years and doesn't miss it......but I do :(

All the best,



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Err, where did all that rotten metal come from?


Oh, silly me! It came from my rear valance!


Other side nowhere near as bad despite the exhaust knocking on it.


This is going to have to be cut out too....


Reckon I'll save the arches


Oh dear that's not good either.


Repair patch made, just need to weld it in.

Not a very happy day!

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Chopped off the inner rear panel where it's rotted away at the bottom and welded in a new section today. You can't see in the picture but I've remembered to put in a lip for the outer valance to be welded to as well, it just needs bending down slightly. Smothered in stonechip and some Ford Lacquer red paint for now to keep the rust at bay.


I really did not enjoy welding in this little patch - it's about 10cm at most from the fuel tank and the backside of the panel is smothered in underseal. Not good for the nerves! I wedged a fire blanket in there just incase.

Still, it's done now and when I get a bit more steel I will make the outer repair panel and weld that in place too. Then I'll squirt the lot full of Dynax wax to try and stop it happening again before moving on to the rear corners which are on the verge of perforation too.

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I knew the colour change would be controversial on here.

Just to reassure people I'm not spraying it will nilly for fun, this is the state of the current paintwork. The car is like this all over :( It looks good in pictures but in the flesh it's atrocious:

I have a lot of prep work to do!


Anyway, on with the work. I need to leave the car in the work's car park this week but still want to do some prep etc. in the evenings, so the front bumper has come off to be rubbed down.

Cable ties are such a wonderful invention!


More orange bits done:


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More chopping. Found about half a tonne of filler in the rear quarter, with plenty more to come out. Someone's had a stab at this before, but never actually replaced the panel.


Lower rear quarter is no longer available unless I try and order them from Germany at around 50 quid (wince!) a side. Hoping Capri ones can be made to fit reasonably well at around 15 quid a side.

Not going to get away with keeping the arches either, they are too rotten to patch. Plus the inner arch will need new metal letting in at either end.



Barrel of laughs!

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