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Manta A 2.2 SR


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I bought this car back in early march as Ive wanted one since my old one was written off back in 2003. So I finally got one she is a bit tatty around the edges needs the rear valance and quaters replacing and a passenger wing but as the chassie was solid and the inner wings I bought her. she needs paint but I used cutting compound on the car and then polished her back up and she looks alot better. When I had her the rostyle wheels where in a sorry state but I got hold of some nice refurbed ones which improved the look of the car.

some pics when I 1st had her.




so she has had a good clean and polish a new set of wheels and tyres, new shocks and an Lpg conversion. future plans are to sort the rear end out, new wing, 5 speed box, new custom exhaust system and a respray.

here is how she looks at the mo.







she is also tax exempt as even thou she was registerd in 74 she was build in december 72 so its all good.

what do you think?

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I've pondered LPG before. Obviously I'd have to pay for fitting cos I'm barely coping with the restoration!

I too have a 2.2. I take it its the CIH you have and not a newer 16v 2.2?

Was it just a case of fitting kit or did you have to modify the engine in anyway?

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Mi thinks you are going to be very popular

on here 'heg123'

Mind you . LPG is almost as dear as petrol now ..

Nice A Series ........If it looks like that - with just a mop-up

it'll look the ' The Fishes Gill's ' ( fed up with the Bee's Knee's ! )

with a bit of TLC.

Well Done

Betty................. :thumbup

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havnt posted on here in a while. well at the moment my manta is off the road having an engine conversion to a 2.0 sri130 lump with a nice cam and a chipped ecu and she is around the 150bhp mark.

Also im having the rear end repaired as she is quite rottern back there.

Had a look on the DR manta site and the parts are very expensive. is there anywhere else that I can buy them from?

also should i go for the sr decals or the gt/e?


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Dr Manta can seem expensive, but what you have to remember is that when the after market car panel suplyers stop doing Manta panels becouse demand droped, it was Dr manta that bought the press dies and for the panels where the press dies no longer suvive, he had new ones made. All very expensive.

Even in Europe the Manta A is not found in great numbers and so demand for parts is low, unfortunatly this meens that if you need a part you have to pay the asking price.

If its not urgent, it is worth keeping an eye on German Ebay, there are some interesting bits come up ever now and again.

Regarding the Sr or GTE decals, if you deceied to go for GTE, I have a full set of originals that I can get copied if your interested.

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I orderd all my panels for the back end yesterday. Any Ideas on how long they normally take to arrive from Dr Manta?

Cant wait to get her back on the road.

Also I went to put the cavalier sri 130 engine in with opel manta 1.8 mounts and the engine hits the cross member about an inch befor sitting on the mounts. SO i guess I have to make my own.

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Also I went to put the cavalier sri 130 engine in with opel manta 1.8 mounts and the engine hits the cross member about an inch befor sitting on the mounts. SO i guess I have to make my own.

This may be a daft question but you do have a Manta big wing sump on there? You would get the effect you mention if you had the FWD sump on there (many moons ago I made the same mistake lol)

When you say manta 1.8 engine mounts do you mean the alloy parts which bolt to the engine? If yes then you definitely have the right thing for the job.

You don't want to be using the manta rubber mounts though, they are not up to the job and too tall. Best with some heavy duty mounts like these ones http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info....roducts_id=7219 from Rally Design.

Carl :D

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Thats a new style shell, right?

I think the cross members are different between the early and later models. Newer one has two mounting points to chose from where the early only had one.

(Course I might be talking shoite, but I have one of each as described above)

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not much work been done on this for a while now but got some nice wheels ready for her. the reason why work hasnt been going on on this is the car the wheels are on my chvette rally car.


2.0 16v xe redtop

tran x type 9 gearbox

manat a axle with zf lsd and 5.0: cwp

bilstein suspension.






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