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Greek 1986 manta GSI exclusive


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Easter 2008.Almost midnight.Hearing a distant tolling bell.I was in my cellar watcing all these boxes with spares for my manta project.I took the big desicion.I was going to restore it.My only friends that cold night were the two just born little cats



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That was the car before.A 1986 GSI exclusive in good condition.All my friends keep telling me that there is no reason to restore it as it is OK.But i found out some problems..Bloody manta iron.. Photo-0152-1.jpg

I took my 79years grandfathers little truck for the sheeps and carried all big stuffs as bumpers,new manta400 bonnet,rubbers etc,etc


I did a 100 km journey to Athens to a friend of mine who was going to help me a lot with the project.

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The car had three major problems.

A very bad 3 piece irmscher rear spoiler,a rotten(it doesnt even exist!) back hood scissor and a big rotten sill part.All repaired and replaced with other very good manta parts i had in my dark cellar DSCN0311.jpg



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It's not so much the rain that causes all the rust IMO. Cars in the UK rot far faster than they do here in Ireland even though we probably get as much rain, if not more. It is the salt on the roads in winter time that causes the rot. This is something we don't have a problem with in Ireland as our winters are milder and we don't cover the roads in salt.

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I am waiting for the new interior now and also for the electrics job to be done.But i am away from my town at the moment and it will take a month to be finished!

Bamboo16V ,of course those brocks will be back BUT with some surprises..

I can't tell more at the moment.

Here are the 55mm jamex springs and my second hand yellow bilsteins.I have sent these to a Bilstein expert in Athens to repair these(oil,valves,stiffer etc..).The front ones are OPEL motorsport from the eighties .I have to paint these and add some new bilstein stickers.


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looking good george!

if you ever need help let me know. i worked as a professional mechanic in the states for many years, and i haven't touched a car in several months now . Plus ive got a alot of time on my hands

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