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new member in suffolk

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hllo everybody,

i am not very good with these computers,so do not expect any photos just yet! i am a long time manta fan (about 20 yrs) and have owned two, a 1.8 berlinetta and currently a gte auto hatch in platinum, which is very original not even any extra speakers! i oftern think about buying a manual but my manta is so reliable and breezed through the last mot i am reluctant to sell it,anyway i am going to enjoy it this summer maybe i change it next year!

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Hello and welcome. Your car sounds interesting, Platinum is quite an unusual colour, although I've got a GT/E hatch in mostly Platinum as well. What colour is your interior, grey or brown?


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Hi baldbrian

I too have a GTE Auto Hatch . Platinum and its my daily driver

I would'nt swap it for the world ( well maybe a Nissan Skyline ! ) I also

have a GTE Coupe manual . but I drive my Auto hatch more ...

Its got Bronze tint glass & Brown velour interior ............

Got a brother in Haverhill Suffolk . lovely part of the UK

Welcome mad house to the.............

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thanks for your replys,especially to other platinum owners, just to let you now (1900sr) mine has the grey interior thankfully! no offence to those who have brown.i do not have the red rear bumper was that an optional extra? although i do have some small brown strawberrys on one rear arch!

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