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Another Gold 1800 in Milton Keynes

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Actually it was me who first mentioned this one seen locally, Kevin beat me to posting it here.

A work colleage saw this car and thought on first sight it was me out in my Gold 1800 Hatch but as the Manta went past a junction (hence he couldn't get a good long look at it) he noticed it was lefthand drive.

Not sure if it was an 1800 as i dont think he'd be able to tell the difference between one and a GTE.

Still this does mean there is a left hooker Manta in our parts that 'we' haven't made contact with,could be someone over from mainland Europe visiting in Milton Keynes,be nice to have a chat with them.

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The colleage at work has seen this Manta again parked in a car park and took a photo of it and its not gold or a hatchback! He should know better identifing cars as he is a total anorak when it comes to Volkswagen Camper Vans,an example of which he is restoring.

The Manta is an early (Y Plate) GTE Coupe in silver, i'm certain this is the same one we know of locally,the current owner inherited it off his father who bought the Manta in Germany and imported it to the UK when he moved here.

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