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Greek Ascona, Cephalonia.

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I spotted this old B series Ascona whilst on holiday last week, It is in the path of a new road that is being cleared and there is a huge digger just out of the picture, I strongly suspect that this car is going to meet its maker in the very near future. it is in really rough condition due to the attention it has had from the goats for years, the chassis legs were mint though, typical.


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Rear bumper is missing, front is chewed to hell by goats, the pics make it look way better than it is. its truly knackered.

I had the door mirror and the bumper endcaps, also the round horn push and badges.

The mirror is already on my Ascona after I quickly sandblasted and painted the brackets and found a new mirror glass, finally the car loses the lopsided one mirror look its had since new.

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You were in Greece Paul?? How was it like in Cephalonia?I guess perfect,right?

Guys,let me tell you the greek road reality..There are thousands of asconas B and kadett c running in the roads.And i mean it.Thousands.What is getting rare are the 2 door asconas B and the kadett c coupes.Not so many mantas though.The paradise for these early opels is Northern Greece.There you can find crazy stuff..There are 2 kadett B coupes!! for sale in my town at the moment.Really rare ones and one of these was daily driven.

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