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Not a Manta, but its the reason I have not been on here much


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My wife has always liked Morris Minors and she has often talked about getting one (for about 10 years ) A local one came up for sale on ebay a couple of months back so she bought it and I am now working on it, the idea being to have it ready for her 40th birthday in November.

It can certainly rust like a Manta - but you can forgive it a bit as its also 40 years old, at least replacement panels are easy to come by. So far I have replaced the drivers side floor pan, both sills and fitted a complete front end. Currently working on new rear wheel arches and a few odds and ends then the welding will be finished

After doing the front end I sprayed the engine bay and fitted it up - gives me some motivation to see it finished at the front! I am currently having a forced break due to back problems (again )

Only downside is it will be next year until I get the Manta back on the road.

Some photos below, more photos at http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r159/Ma...Morris%20Minor/ if anyone is interested.






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moggies rock David you can buy anything for them and do basically any mod you want there is even loads of kits out there for upgrades,

Now I really want to see you drie into the billing field with that next year

Yes the parts situation is great - possibly better than some current production cars, just wish it was easy to get replacement panels for our Mantas, saves so much time fitting a complete panel rather than having to fabricate repair sections.

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Hi David, nout a Blitz on thi front bonnet wullnae cure whit I want to know is what dae yae tell thi better half when yae keep disappearing oot thi door, hiv yae tried Chic Doig`s @ Cardanden for bitty`s thir was a moggy traveller in then getting all its wid replaced when awe wiz over.


Hope awes well with you all.

cheers rab.

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Making good progress. I have finished the welding and fitted the new wood frame. The photo shows the wood frame before being fitted back onto the car. I don't have any photos yet of it installed but looks much better as I have repainted the side panels and fitted them into the woodwork. Next job is to get the bodywork ready for painting.




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At last, the Morris is complete , MOT'd and back on the road - I even managed to finish a week before the birthday deadline. Different to drive but quite nice, just ambling along about 45 to 50 mph and loads of space for the dogs. No synchro on first gear takes a bit of getting used to

Here are a few photos of the finished car - should now have the time to get the Manta finished for next summer and be back on here a bit more often Morris1a.jpg



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