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International invitation from OPEL-CLUB.GR!


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Dear northern friends, HOW'S IT GOIN'?

This is Dimitris from Greece, proud owner of a 4-door Ascona B with a 2.0 CIH engine (Soon c30se - straight six 3.0 24v, only a few parts left to purchase ), 75% ZF LSD etc

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is to let you know that we have opened an international section that is to be operating only in ENGISH language at OPEL-CLUB.GR, the first Hellenic Opel Club online!

We would love to see you presenting your cars to our members and perhaps we can also do the same in your forums

If you want to join us, the exact link is http://www.opel-club.gr/vbulletin/?langid=1 (for having the menus in English). You can register there and the international section is located at http://www.opel-club.gr/vbulletin/forum ... .php?f=161

We have also invited people from German and Norwegian Opel forums! There are already Engish, Irish, Norwegian, Romanian and Greek ppl talkin in there and very soon I expect some ppl from the German side too ;)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The INTERNATIONAL section is brand-new, so, do not hesitate to be one of the first ppl to present yourself in there... Get some photos of your babies in there (I mean cars, but its up to you if you wanna post more babies haha), your specs, your probems and questions, ANYTHING

Best regards from Crete island, Greece!


PS: You can always find the little button on the lower left of the page if your language isn't already set to english. If you have any difficulties, you can send me a PM in there and I can help you out

It's about time we see some more RWD Opels in there from other countries ;)

Oh, and my e-mail is asconan "at" gmail "dot" com, in case you have any difficulties

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Dear northern friends ....operating only in ENGISH language. There are already Engish....

Hi Dimitris, I'll have a look at the site later, I can speak Engish but I'm not a Northerner, but that's a good thing because most English Northerners can't speak English properly anyway Eeee by gum muther! I were havin' a cob fur me snap!

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Hi Rick ! Anyone with an accent like that is not regarded as a 'Northerner' by us real northerners! That's regarded as a Southern/Midlands Accent by folk from north of Manchester. The North of England is Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and Newcastle is NOT in Scotland . I am pleased to announce that I speak very good English. BUT just for the record, in Geordie....... If yu divin't kna the difrence, had yer whisht! ( Translation... If you do not know the difference, please don't say anything ! ) Please don't take offence Rick as this is just 'Northern Humour'. P.S. I was born at one end of the Roman Wall and live at the other so I had to learn Cumbrian !!! I suppose we are all north of Greece. Dimitri, Nice to hear from you and I wish you and your friends a warm Welcome. Sid. Morton.

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Yes me love, I know what the northern accent is all about, I''ve been studyin' in 'ull (yeap, Hull) for 2 years... Then I went down south to old Pompey (Portsmouth Uni).

Yeap, for us, you all are northeners, haha... ;)

Paul, I already saw your post and replied in there... Lookin forward to see ALL of you! We love to see your cars

By the way, here's a couple of pics off my Ascona ;)

Hope you like'em

She runs on a 2.0 CIH with a shitty little single Solex 35 (not good) but very soon she will have the beautiful straight-six c30se (3.0 24v 204 PS 270Nm) with the EVO500 program in the ECU (230 PS then) and a Getrag 265 gearbox. She is wearing a 75% LSD of ZF and it will be swapped with a 40% LSD of a friend (whole axle... he has one off a Commodore B fixed in his car... stronger than mine - good for the job)

Here are the pics:

As she is now:






New engine:


That's me:


My sweet Irmscher steering wheel


Ladies, ladies, ladies... They ALWAYS chase me for my car... LOL

Maria & Carina:


Little Helen:




I shot all pics... Hope you like my photography skillz

Aloha from Greece


PS: Oh yeah, and that's one of me videoz, havin fun with a friend lol

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)Please don't take offence Rick as this is just 'Northern Humour'.
I'm hardly going to take offence when I've said that Northerners can't speak English proper, innit! My Dad works in Newcastle and it's such a long way from here it might just as well be in Scotland! Ah-reet ya bugs pet, it's canny! See I know all the lingo

I did have to spend nearly two years working everyday with a chap from Mansfield. It wasn't where he was from that bugged me, it was the fact he was a complete arsehole!

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