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Spotted this in Muswell Hill

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  • 4 weeks later...

i had a quick look this morning and well , it really needs a shed load of work , just to get it looking ok .

clearly it hasn't mooved for ages , with a big build up of debris under it and around the tyres .

the panels didnt look all that bad for rust .

however the paint will need more than a clean and polish in places .

the roof is all a bit tatty , i don't quite know what's going on there .

its got a sun roof on the inside .

and what i suppose, used to be a vinyl roof that's peeled off and come apart in many places , then the missing bits filled with some seam sealer and under seal ?!?!

inside looked damp and dirty as you would expect but all things present as far as i could see .

chassis rails looked rusted , with the underseal peeling away in many places to reveal that .couldn't see any holes directly (just looking though the arches)

sills looked al right at a glance .

but i think you can assume there probably will be welding required .

and its a automatic with a red interior .

i wouldnt say its a gonner but its well on the way .

for someone who wants a big project .

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I think it must have moved as I'm sure it is facing the other way on Google Earth to my pictures and does seem a bit cleaner. Wonder what else Manta wise can be spotted in street view? I know mine will be soon as I was in the street near the car when the Google Earth Car want by. So only a matter of time before Milton Keynes is mapped.

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the stealth is on - in the batcave : from late last summer though by the looks of it

if you google map -104 tib street manchester- then streetview it and spin around you ll see her there

looks like theres a bug though as part of tib street will take you through to oldham street for some reason , which is the next city street parallel

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