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my manta b with one day a cav turbo


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ok i am new and signed up for the wrong site got the vxoc site, would post some pics but my computer is being repaired at the mo but thought i would fish for some help from you guys then get some pics up and show you how its going when my computer gets back. i have only worked on fwd vauxhalls in the past so wiring is no problem but these rwd mantas are a new ball game for me

ok so far i have a full recon c20let engine new shells turbo the lot with low comp pistons and phase 2 chip on the ecu so hopefully an easy 250hp to get me started later maybe more i will have to see what the bank and misses sey

ok so i know that i need 1.8 mounts going to run the ford gearbox (been told its the best by a few people) and the 1.8 sump if any one has one or knows anyone who has one would help me out lots

fitted full power flex bushes and a quaif in the rear axle

last thing if any one has already done a c20let in to a manta could they contact me as just a few things on pipes i need to clear up

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engine mount, you extend the mount forward using plates bolt to engine and bolt mount to it towards front of engine , cut off the crossmember mount make a plate up strong enough to hold engine bolt rubber mount to it ,weld it to crossmember

dont supose you would have any photos or know any one who would have photos it would be a great help

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