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Opel Manta B (2) `85 - Nasty


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Hi Manta enthusiasts !

I made acquaintance with this forum because related to the reason that I have bought a Opel Manta B (2) Myself. So its a gray Manta B from 1985. At the moment It has a 1.8 manual geared engine on it. I bought it from my brother who is a Manta enthusiast like myself but did not have the time for it. It has not been touched like for 3 years and it mainly has stood outside. But its not that bad at all. The front is quite played out... much rust but the mid section and back are fine. Cause I just got the car yesterday I can not still say anything solid about it . Need to lift it up and check the floor from the bottom. The engine does not work in some unknown reason... my brother did not know what was up with it... Need to buy a battery and see from there. Right now the car has been widened from the back and the floor has been brazed. Interior is quite pulled out at the moment ... but I have 2 944 Porsche front seats and I'm not 100% sure but I think I will not put the backseat back . It has Irmscher wheel and in future I’m planing to buy the e-break and the knob from the same firm.

So what are the concrete plans at the very moment. First of all I must say that cause I'm a student there is not a very big income so I this will take time. I'm thinking it will take 2+ years to complete this car. Well so to the topic... first after striping and welding I think I will hit it to sandblast. After that probably bit more welding and then I will get the primer on it.After that there will be the biggest dilemma jet. Will it be classic manta white or pearl white. Cause there are many simple white and the pearl I'm thinking of is not some gay pride shine but a little glitter when sun hits it. But its good that I have quite much time before I have to make the desesion about it. Other thing that I will do is buy a new engine. I think it will be the C20LET cause it has been charged already by the factory. I just don not have the trust for the turbo kit if I would buy the XE and charge it myself. Suspension will be changed and car lowered. Interior will be black on Black ... Its a nice contrast.- black under white. Probably the ideas will change but the main picture is set.

So this is it hopefully some feedback and impressions when I get the project rolling people that are more experienced will give their advice.

So this is the Manta and the place where I brought it home.







And some pictures of the progress so far.








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yeah, A LOT. But it is alright. I have time... most likely the car will hit the road in 2010 summer. It is a hobby car so building it is a part of the fun . Tho right now i am eager to get it sandblasted so i can start remaking the body.

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