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3.0 Coupe


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Brought this back in May and with one thing and another has sat waiting for me to get started on it.

Car was a 1.8 which was knackered, previous owner said head gasket had gone. When I stripped it found had dropped a Vv and damaged the head and block. Engine is being replaced with a 3.0 straight six, mated to a getrag 265 gearbox. Still undecided whether to use a 24v or 12v as I have both sat in the garage.

The car is suprisingly solid with some small holes in the floor, the passenger side jacking point needs attention as does the chassis rail round the swan neck. The car looks to have had a fair bit of welding done in the past.

Car as it was when I got it.




The dent has split the seam in the boot and is quite rotten.

Am getting the inside of the car sorted first.

The drivers side floor after stripping back to the metal




Quite a few previous repairs, some good some not so good. A couple of places had been patched with filler.

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I can see what you mean Greg! some good repairs and some not so good repairs! Dosn't look to bad tho m8 :thumbup The rear lower quater might be tricky! keep your eye out for a replacement panel on ebay (I've seen them listed before) as Hadrians still have them listed (online/motor factors) but they don't supply them anymore.

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Would be good to have a look at your car sometime, whereabouts are you mate?


Yeah the car is pretty solid. A client who runs a bodyshop says that the rear quarter will pull out and be good as new. It had been hidden behind the elegance bumper by a previous owner. By the amount of rust in the boot it happened a few years ago.

Could be put back on the road with a couple of weekends work. But I'm taking it back to metal on the floor and chassis and making sure that it lasts for many years to come.

When we gonna see your XE project mate

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