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Manta Hatch


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Ive been browsing round this site for a while, so its about time I contributed somthing!!!

I bought this Exclusive hatch a while ago but been busy with my two Vivas to do much with it so I was going to break it, but had a change of heart and got the welder out instead.

Its rotten in all the usual manta places,front chassis legs,sills,rear arches,wings and inner wings but its only metal and it can be repaired!!

Been going at it the last few days while the weathers been good. lots of rust in the eyes and welders suntan!!












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Loads of welding going on there Scott but everything is looking good at the moment, car is getting nice and solid again, not fussed on the rims though sorry, i just prefer deep dish rims on a old scholl car.

If you keep going though the rust the way you are going its going to be really solid

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Got two Vivas, a hb nd a hc...

the HB has a standard 1256 chevette engine, lowered on superlights and is my everyday car, takes me 30 miles to work every day....poor thing!!

Since I got it in march its had a respray(driveway standard...) rebuilt gearbox,rebuilt engine,new glass seals, new headlining, exhaust,wheel bearings and a front disc conversion.




the HC is an ongoing project, bare metal resto, got a 20XE on throttle bodies and DTA management, type 9 close ratio box, RX7 alloy 4 pots and 260mm vented discs. cant wait till its finished!!





had a bit of progress with the manta, been making a new jacking point for the passenger side, turned out no too bad...


the weldings now almost done, got a scabby bit on the front panel to sort then its wings on and start filling the back arches in....fun job.

Kieth, visitors are always welcome!! no car swapping allowed though!!!


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Thanks guys, not much done to the manta recently, the weathers been poo here. got a bit of filling done on the drivers side rear arch,I hate that job!!

does anyone have a set of lowering springs kicking about?? seems that you can only buy a whole kit with shocks aswell,budget wont stretch to that so Im stuck for now...


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Hi Scott,get in touch with 'TJM' on here mate,he does lowering springs (without shocks).Looks like your making real progress on the hatch there.Good to see your Viva's,both look great,and that respray looks cracking to me bud. :thumbup

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Quick update, the cars now on the road. I sold my Viva so Im now using it for work. Its luxury motoring compared to the Viva

one problem though, Ive got sticky calipers and cant free them off properly. Does anyone know of a caliper thats a straight swap? or does anyone do a kit for a vented disc conversion??

Ill put up some pics of the car tomorrow.


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