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Early "B" coupe, white - Ellistown Leicestershire

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  • 2 years later...

Hahaha was that you in the blue Corsa coming off the main road?

I actually thought it might have been at the time but I discounted it as it would have been way too much of a coincidence

That was tyre smoke, the whole thing worked perfectly, I was absolutely flat down the hill, right the way up the other side too, now this next bit is not really straightforward to describe, but you know when you pitch a car onto it's nose and then flick the steering slightly whilst hard on the brakes you can get the weight to come off one front wheel and you get a lovely dragging lock up like last years McLaren F1 cars used to do into the hairpins?

Yeah well it was that - not entirely appropriate for the public highway I must admit and maybe one day I'll stop doing it :unsure::lol:

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