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Should have looked a bit like this? Not my car, well at least not any more. I owned this about 10yrs ago and at the time i'm pleased to say that she didn't have the number or strips......just all original apart from the Engelmanns. I also converted her from a 3speed auto to a 5speed Getrag.

I think she's had at least 3owners since i had her.


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Spot on ' motor mouth ' The 1st pic is what Ive seen for the past 4/5 wks

as I've been passing


So I stopped and went in today and snapped some piccys



Must be his/hers daily driver as its been there every day for the past month.

Its still looking good ....Thats for sure

Betty......... :thumbup

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As much as she looks good here for me is my gripe with the car.

In the pic below you can see a GT which has a passing likeness for the GT you've seen.........thing is it is actually the same car....and hence why i think she should be original.

When the club was approached for nice GT, i got the call and the car was collected by a transporter a taken from Lincoln at 4am to London for a days photo-shoot. Some 15hrs later she was put back on the transporter and we started the journey home. After about an hours driving the driver proceeded to fall asleep at the wheel, a couple of nudges by me and i persuaded him to pull over and i drove the transporter the rest of the way home.

So for me, she should look like she does in the pics.....for me it's a bit sad.


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