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Ascona B two door


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Today I purchased a two door Ascona B. 1600,

It needs bits doing (posted in wanted sect ),and it looks like it was painted with an emulsion brush and rust is bubbling through.

Structialy it is solid,chassis rails,jacking points,sills, inner wings, the lot 2008_1022e-bay0001.jpg








Now I know folk have differing views, but I can't decide what to do!

Do I,

A, turn it into another 400 wanabe

B, Keep it looking like a standard classic and tweak the engine (twin40's, etc etc ), 5 speed box

C, keep it completly original

All comments readily appreciated, so please post away.

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The cosmetic view of the outside suggest a rough car but if you look beyond that and,if as you say its solid, then that is one good buy.

That garish red 70's interior, its almost that bad its good!

Its surprizing that you have found a two Ascona B, it seems that every last one of them has been exported to Ireland and converted to a 400 replica.

What to Do with it - if it was mine i wouldn't do a 400 replica,though i think they look absolutely the dogs kahoona's,a two door Ascona B not convert to 400 appearance will soon become one of the rarest cars about.i would seriously consider restoring it to original,but would also consider doing what Ian Gaocher and Paul Newport (paulmanta on here) have done with thier Ascona's,made improvements that make them a better car to drive without drastically altering them,5 speed gearbox,better brakes,perhaps an improved engine etc.

Anyway good luck with your new 'baby' and keep posting progress on this thread,i love seeing cars coming back to full health.

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Well I might as well confess about this car.

I live very close to jct27 of the M62,the bloke who owns it lives the same distance from jct15,so straight 30 mile drive to Swinton in Manchester.

He wanted, gulp............................................£450 for it !!!

I gave an offer of 100quid !

We settled on 150 .

Ten seconds after shaking hands on it I ended up in a cloud of steam as the hose/clasp gave way

So all in all I'm happy with the deal.

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Little update. Got it back home Monday.





Then today I got my mate to help put the wings on. He wasn't happy about playing Hopscotch around all the dog crap !!








So just need to sort out something with the door now.Hopefully my garage will be empty by the weekend so I can put it under safe storage,as I keep wondering wether the local Pikey's will have 'moved' it on !! hmmm.gif

Think it already looks better with the two wings on. icon_biggrin.gif

Put a new battery on it and it fired up on the first turn of the engine,no cranking at all. :thumbup

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