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1977 25k SR Berlinetta coupe


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lovely job done their, bet its costly too!! any contacts for the re chroming? you got done.

Are you keeping it standard? love the look of these with period wide alloy wheels, something like 8 inch ATS classics or minilites.

What is she, 1.6, 1.9 or 2.0



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It will be standard looking but not standard under the skin. Wheels are standard but spaced out 15mm, A ) to clear the front calipers and B ) to fill the arches a bit more. Engine has a Kent cam and Weber, Spax shocks and springs bla bla. Nothing drastic but they should make it a bit more fun!

I had thought of banding the Rostyles but I'm keeping it standard for the forseeable future.

I used S&T plating in Bristol. I still haven't seen the results yet but when I collect the bits from Stradacab this weekend I'll get some pics up and you can make up your own mind! They better be good cos it cost me more than I paid for the bloody car :blink:

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It's been a long time so I thought I should update. She came back from the bodyshop a few months ago and since then work has been slow but steady. I've cleaned and refitted all the trim, the new bumpers are on, I found a pair of brand new shrouded headlamps so they're fitted and looking good! The Rostyles have been refurbed and fitted with period Michelins and rechromed trim rings. Underneath has had another coat of white paint and the front subframe and axle have been painted black.

The interior is in, just got the windows to adjust and the centre console to fit after the modified 5 speed linkage is sorted.

It should be back on 4 wheels tonight when the bottom arms are back together - photos to follow!

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Very Very nice Chris, so good in fact that the worry is now when, and how often, to take it out and only limited use on sunny days I guess.

One point I noticed, it does not have the chrome sill covers, or, were they never fitted to the Opels and only reserved for the top of the range Vx's, only noticed 'cos I have them on the Sportshatch GLS and my 4-dr GL.

I'm glad you got the non-shrouded lights, they will look just right on the motor (and quietly pleased on the price part 'cos I have a new pair in the garage for my 4-dr Cav, mine cost £35 for the pr :D )

Good work as alway Chris :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup

Cheers, Colin.

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Yes Mark it was a Morriston car until I bought it. Its probably the same one you saw!

As a small update its all up and running but I've decided to repaint underneath as I wasn't happy with the result. The fast road cam has gone in place of a new standard one as the idle was too lumpy for a motor that was otherwise healthy sounding.

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