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Silver Hatch and its a 1.8


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About 7 years ago I knew little / nothing about Manta's that was until I met Sean and realised that 'oh these were the things that he used to pick the evil edna ex up in from school'. . The love affair for the Hatch has only developed in the last year and consequently I wanted one for my everyday car to replace my juice guzzling Astra. i have been very lucky with this car as all of the major work has been done by its previous owner so all that is required is attention to a few rusty bits, new brakes ( including pipes ), suspension, new more sportier exhaust, and a good old clean up of engine , front crossmember and diff, its also going to be treated to a set of alloys.Other than that it will be standard ish with a bit of bling.

As per usual I didnt get any pics of the car whilst it was outside and still complete it was too keen to be sat next to the 400

Anyway here are a few pics of the bits that need doing on him body work wise I can only get to drivers side at the moment.




The theres the bits that need cleaning and blinging up a bit






Im hopefully going to get really stuck into it in the next few weeks so watch this space for up dates.


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Glad too see another 1800 Hatch being given a loving future,you should kick the 400 out of the garage to give you more space to work on it....

evil edna

This as a Character,a television set, from a kids TV program from the eighties.cant remember the name of the program or any other characters except perhaps, i think, one of them may have been called the 'Mogue'

Go on put me out of my missery and tell me about the program.

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Is the engine out because it's being worked on or are you replacing it with an seh or xe maybe?? If you're keeping it, my 2nd to last 1.8 ran beautifully using the weber dtml carb but I have heard mixed opinions on them, you get slightly better fuel economy and mid range pick-up and manual choke of course, but you sacrifice at the higher revs but on an 8v who cares?

What year/reg is this one just out of interest?

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Its Y reg and i think the engines out to allow access to clean the engine bay and paint the engine up. I know all this because it used to be mine, its got a re built variajet on it and it ran very well once i had replaced the auto choke with a handraulic one. It is a damn good car that i only sold because i have too many.

Sorry to answer for you Tracy but i think you are at the NEC and i could not resist, i am watching this topic because its nice to see my old car getting love !

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