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manta hatch project


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Blimey HUW

You have the first GTE water elbow/thermostat housing i've seen that is not actually corroded to fcuk.

I'm assuming head has been rebuilt? but if still bare (nothing re-fitted) I'd recommend smoothing down the inlet ports to a 180 grit finish and a serious smoothing out of the exhaust ports, if tools and capability are there of course, this does reap a good few horses on these engines but is slow laborious work due to the nature of the material the heads are made from.

Wonderful to see such a pic heavy topic as this :thumbup

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Woo Hoo, that is looking as though it is shaping up well. Arches look cool, a fair bit of time and filler gone into shaping them I bet :thumbup Always fancied doing somethging like that myself, but my filling is and always has been crap, would have took me about 8 months just to do one arch

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