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brake parts/spares


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hello everyone

i may be getting hold of an 86' gte coupe and ive been told the brakes could do with an overhall, standard setup, whats the best way to go about sourcing some new/refurbed calipers for the front and wheel cylinders for the rear drums? do the vaux dealers still supply parts like this?

any advice welcome, cheers

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If you are replacing the front calipers then possibly its wise to replace with the older style twin-piston ATE calipers from mk1 Cavvy's, they dont sieze-up as often and are a straight bolt on upgrade without even changing dics. Also I use greenstuff pads.

They are still available new from motor factors or ask PMA on here.

Cheers, Colin. :thumbup

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Hi Skypeller,here's a little list of things you may need/want,take these part numbers with you to your local factors,they will be able to use them;

Rear wheel cylinders (LUCAS/TRW part number) BWD112.

Rear drums (LOCKHEED/DELPHI part number) BF103.

Rear shoes (LOCKHEED/DELPHI part number) LS1297.

Front discs (LUCAS/TRW part number) DF1601.

Front pads (LOCKHEED/DELPHI part number) LP415.

Handbrake cable complete (FIRSTLINE part number) FKB1209.

I haven't put the brake caliper part numbers on because to be honest,you won't find any.If your calipers do need reconditioning,click on the link below and give them a ring.If you are going to do the job yourself,they can supply repair kits,but they will also fully recondition your existing units;


Hope this helps a bit mate,if you have any problems,just give me a kick,i'm sure we'll be able to get you sorted.Cheers. :thumbup

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