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Foam depth


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Hi all,

Like a silly , I threw all my old foam from beneath the carpets out a long while ago!!

Does anyone know off-hand the depth (inch - inch half etc)

I have a local foam man who can supply............just thought I'd get it right.

Cheers all................. :thumbup

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It deadens a lot of road noise. If yours has got wet and fallen apart you can use ordinary houshold underlay, its rubber and you can cut it to shape and it does help cut noise a bit, also it does not hold as much water as the old foam.

A carpet shop/fitter should give you some for pence as its not a lot you need.

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Cheers all,

I was just concerned with the fitment of the carpets if I used thinner foam etc.

May well go down the underlay route.............cracking idea, not bothered about road noise as all the sound deadening has been binned as well!!!!


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