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wiring diagram for x20xev fuel injection


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hi can anyone advise on how to wire up the fuel injection of the x20xev ecotec engine, or know where i can get hold of an idiot proof wiring diagram.

i have removed pretty much all of the wiring loom, ecu's etc from my donor car, and to be honest there are that many sensors, plugs, mulit plugs etc i am a bit stumped.

i have spoken to a couple of local car guys that recon there are only 6 wires needed to run from the ecu.

the engine is going into my cav coupe, so there is already a loom in that, but i know i will have to put some addition wiring in to get it all to work.

the other thing is, once thats sorted, will the engine still run properly with out all of the plugs and sensors reconnected?


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