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Rear Seat Removal

tommy manta

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i'm on a rust seek and desroy mission today but i've been stopped by having no idea how to remove the rear seats of my A-series. what's the trick? i can't see any bolts anywhere. i bet i'm missing something really obvious but i'm stumped.

the idea is to jenolite, red oxide and hammerite the whole interior and was hoping to finish it today. if anyone could answer this question in the next hour or so i'd be very grateful!


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5 hours ago, robjpage said:


there are 2 threaded holes with bungs to seal them behind where the seat base and seat back meet.  see pics


but i couldn't see any other possible anchor points

20231115_142702 (002).jpg

20231115_142706 (002).jpg

I think originally there were 2 plates with threaded holes on the bottom of the wheel arch just to the right of of pic, but the plates were on the inner of the rear arch and rotted out. Im not 100% sure it was on all but i had seen it on some A series before but that was years ago.

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Thank you both 🙂

Two is a great starting point!

I'll have a look in my car to see if the other two are there...

If so, it's getting rear seat belts!

If not, it won't as I do not want to drill new holes and we'll just have to avoid taking passengers in the back.

Best wishes to all.



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