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A-series Headlight Replacement

tommy manta

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all 4 of my current headlights currently look like this;



now i know what it's like trying to find manta parts so i was wondering what alternatives there are. i've heard of people using bmw e30 lights but only some types fit, not sure which. i've also recently heard mk1 or 2 golf lights will fit. any ideas? i was thinking of possibly doing a single headlight conversion in the future so any ideas what i would use for that?

these are the last parts i need to track down before i book myself an MOT so the sooner i sort it out the better really.

as usual all help much appreciated


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I'm pretty sure early capri lights are the same. I removed one from my A a while ago and it had capri written on the back. seem to think they are 4 1/2"".



No. The Capri use the same 5 3/4" headlight. So do Jaguar, BMW and quite a few other car manufactures.

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i was thinking about buying some generic 5 3/4" lights but my actual lamps are okay. as you can see it's just the surround that holds the lamp in place. if i went out and got some from another car would they have the same kind of arrangement or would i have to fabricate some kind of attachment? i don't know what any of these other lights look like such as the BMW ones etc.

and beaker, you have a pm.

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