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Hinge Pins


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The kit should have three pins. If the pins are breaking? you need to wd40 them and riggle the door first.

It's because the pins and the door have rusted together! lol not a pun post. The pin(tool) is likely to bend first!

then if you keep hammering it! it breaks. Support the door with a bit of wood and a jack, get an old flat-head screw-driver,

give the door pin a wee bash down-wards, then a wee bash up-wards. i.e. releasing the pin.

Once you get movement on door pin? use door pin remover 'pin'. If the above fails?

Get the drill out ;) mind use a similar size drill bit.


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When i replaced mine made up my own removal tool but then i have access to lathes, et at work. Replaced my pins with moggy hinge pins as the door and a post location had worn, putting the new manta pins in would not have made a difference.

Drilled/reamed out the door and a post locations for the moggy size pin and drove them in. Good thing with moggy pins is there solid so pretty east to get out. If i did them again i would drill and tap one end and make up a little slide hammer or something similar that i could screw in to remove.

Had to adjust the door but followed what most body guys seem to do, hang on the door and belt the hinge points with a drift and mallet. Works a treat.



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As a bit of an aide to remove the top one i used my trolley jack at its maximum reach and used that to hold one end of the removal tool bar while clouting the bit near the pin.Thus getting maximum twatage.Also its miles easer with the wings off.

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