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Does anyone in the club recognise the number

This is another manta i have saved from the dreaded scrappy

it is a black coupe 2.0 gte in good condition motd till june twin head light conversion but the surrounds surrounds are warped

Engine needs a new chain as it rattles he was quoted £400 to do the job.

hence i got it cheap just need to find a new chain and tensioner any one know where i can get one from and some good headlight surrounds will post some pictures when i figure out how

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Got a new timing chain kit for my 1900 from my local factors, they ordered it in so they're still around. I'm guessing the 2.0 is the same one. It cost me £32.50 ex the dreaded, and the part no. was TK16 (only thing is, don't know who made it).


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I will get a price for you from Kendall Automotive Leicester for you, and get the club some details of items they can supply. The last timing chain I bought from Kendall's was £11.50.

Just cos it was cheap don't think it was rubbish, as the engine went on to produce 101.1 bhp at the wheels, the 2.0s engine the chain was on then found it's way into Ferrets Ascona and he had no probs.

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