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Can any one help pls.What is the small regulator for next to the fuel pump.Mine has been disconnected for some reason but the car still runs fine,is it needed as there is a regulator on the fuel rail.Also were can i get some bobbins from to mount the fuel pump as its on cable ties at the mo.cheers al.

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think its called a swirl pot , supposed to dampen the oscilations of the fuel pump .

it may have been leaking so it was by-passed .

i dont really know how important it is , but i guess your pressure regulator on the fuel rail will now be working overtime ?.....perhaps

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It's called a damper, description of purpose is correct .

Details of last one I bought from dealer:

Damper Diaphragm (Fuel Pump Assy.) GM 90019987

I've ran many cars without one. However, be aware Opel and Bosch used to have basically infinite resources. Not fitting one of these would increase therir profit margin, therefore that they chose to expend resources on it means they had good reason.

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