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The List !


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Hi guys

Well I went up to the garage yesterday to look at the car and the list of bits that it now needs. :unsure:

Diff has a small leak from a bit of a bodge done before

Need's new bearing in front of toque tube u/s due to water ingress

New drums/shoes

New rear brake cylinders x2

New gearbox mount

New engine oil seal behind fly wheel

4x tyre's 17inch

Steering rack loose

Electric fan needs adjusting coming on to late

A few more than expected but I couldn’t have a better guy doing the work. Just hoping it will be ready for my first manta meet with the Essex lads on the 31st , but I suppose it will be down to the parts list :huh:

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Well the list grows yet again after removing the gearbox it now also needs a new clutch "wafer thin"

Suppose better to know now that on the side of the road, but could have well done without it another £100 to the bill just not to sure where this is going to stop :unsure:

So far

4x new tyre's

2x new brake cylinders

New drums

New shoes

New hand brake cable

New clutch

Diff gasket

Oil seal "behind fly wheel"

2X new fuel lines

Toque tube Bearing

Gear box mount

I would like to thank everyone for the help, advise and offering of part’s saving me more than a fair few quid I’m sure.

I would also like to say sorry to Roy in Brighton, I was due to go and collect his seats I had committed to buy as all this happened, the bill is already standing at over £400 leaving me on breaking point as things are, I have apologised personally already but publicly never hurts. ;)

Many thanks


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