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1982 9500 Miles Opel Berlinetta Bristol (dealer)

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I believe you could of bought this for £3000 a couple of months back when Andy (cavtastic) was selling it. That was a bargain let's face it, probably a tad too expensive now at twice the price but at least you know what this dealer paid for her.

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Sent the seller a message to try and find out more about the car.


Interested in your Manta. Can you tell me a bit about the history of the car please? How many owners has it had, what history is there to back up the mileage, has it ever had any accident damage or paint? It certainly looks good from your pics but teh mileage seems almost imnpossibly low.



- 1900sr

and got this reply.


The car is truly original.

It has had one owner from new - up till approx 6 years ago when it was then owned by the secretary of the Opel Manta Club.

It has all its MOTs, Original invoices and handbooks plus original Key. It is not impossible to find cars with such low mileage in our experience.

It is in full original condition - a really find! - No damage no accidents and original paint

Regards Cleevewood Garage Bristol Ltd

I'm not aware of any secretary owning the car, although it has had two club members owning it. Also the car has got 4 registered keepers (3 former), and when Andy had it apart from the sunroof rust it had a few scrapes.

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Strange thought I was an area rep not the OMOC SEC :lol: Anyway nevermind. Rust bleb on roof is VERY VERY small but I noticed it and it had to go. Might of been to fussy but It was bothering me, You will not see the pin rust mark on a photo.

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