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Newbie Manta Owner Saying Hello

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Hi all. :)

I have had more classic cars from the 70's and 80's than I have had changes of underwear in the last few years. But untill last week never a Manta. I am 38 own a garage and love owning interesting older cars. My main old car is a supercharged Morris Minor (hence my forum name).

Well this popped up locally:



Its a total peach and I am really enjoying driving about in it and watching people double take at seeing a Manta on the road.

There are many questions that I will be asking in the near future but for now just Hello.

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hi and welcome

does look a tidy car ,was it on ebay for spares.

looks like its got a good home now :D

No :unsure: , it was on as a car. He hadn't cleaned it and the highlights of his add were MOT till March and 4 bald tyres. It failed to reach reserve (I was the high bidder) and I bought it off him afterwards. It was one of those times that you know someone could have got a lot more if they had botherred.

Best bit though was that when I looked at the paperwork after buying the car it has MOT till June. :D :D

Those photos were taken after a 4 hour Valet, nothing more. It is totally lovely. No rot at all, never had sills or arches. Under the bonner is just as clean as well. I put 4 new falkens on it and serviced it and have driven it as my daily for the last week.

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Hi welcome to the Manta Mad House .. I was watching that on e-bay

and must say it looked so sorry for its self in the e-bay pic's

that I thought it was an old smoker .... Your 4 hr valet has certainly put a

sparkle back into the old girl ............. Well Done ... does look a peach now.

Your in the right place for help , parts , & advice .. Have fun with her & enjoy ... B)

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Thanks for the welcomes.

Hello and welcome, dont suppose your Minor is a dk red traveller is it?

edit; Just noticed you have a roof spoiler, any chance of a picture or two please.

Cheers, Colin.

My minor is a blue 2 door. The red trav is known to me though. There are 4 or 5 superchargedb minors at the mo and I think mine is the only one that is all homebrewed and works.

As for piccies of roof spoiler I will start a thread in the your project area with more photos.

I remember that car used to be in Spalding. Met the guy a few times, he really looked after it. I don't know if that's who you got it from. Welcome to the club, wherabouts in Lincs are you?

He did used to look after it really well but had lost interest of late. As for where am I: Long Sutton

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