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84 Gte Hatch In Far Too Good Condition


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Thought I should start a thread on my car.

Really tidy 84 hatch 2.0 gte

The car. I know the front boy racer lights are not original but they are period and I think I will leave them on?:


The interior is very nice with the drivers seat being so nearly perfect:


I don't know if the wheel is standard or not but I suspect its not, but I like it:


Engine bay is lovely, all I have done is given it a quick clean:


Rear skirt I know isn't original but I think it suits it well and it is in good condition. The rear valance under the skirt is also excellent. I like the period boy racer stripes and am leaving them on, they are so period.:


Rear spoiler I know is added, I don't know what make it is but again I like it and it will stay:


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Looks very nice and I wish I had one of those higher spoilers myself. Your steering wheel is from an exclusive and from the looks of things has been re-covered, also someone has changed your clocks/instruments which is also from a later manta or exclusive. Only small shame are the side repeaters fitted to what looks like good solid and straight wings, you don't need them on an '84 so I've never understood why they get retrofitted?!

All in all very nice, any plans?

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Well I am chuffed.

Took manta for its MOt the first since buying it and it sailed through with nothing more than having to change the front sidelight bulbs because previous owner had fitted blue ones.

I knew it was perfect but it is always nice to have the MOT man tell you it is.

I may even have to treat it to a new tax disc this week as well.

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This is a nice motor, the period stripes really suit it especially with the car being white.

I have seen this manta at billing a few years ago,prob with its previous owner. enjoy and be proud of her i would be.

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yes it did go to billing a few times about 5 years ago with its previous owner.

As for your comment of enjoying and be proud of it I am. I have never been into vaux or opels before but I have to admit I like this old girl. It's close to being the most perfectly useable and lovely classic I have ever owner and I have had most of them over the years.

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Glad it's got another ticket. Looked really nice when I looked the other week, I'll try and get round for a chat sometime when you're not just closing up!

feel free.

I did spot you but couldn't get away from the customers to come and talk. I did have someone trying to buy it the other day having seen it on the fourcourt but I sent him away with a "sorry its not for sale".

I may have a 1991 astra gte 16v coming soon in mint condition as well to go next to the manta.

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