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Newbie Says High

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Just saying hello having finally got around to "googling" Opel Manta to track down the Owners Club etc.


This car has been in the family ownership since new. 4 registered owners are my mother - the company - my father - myself.

It is a Opel Manta A Series 1.9SR Automatic

Mileage is a genuine 71,700 (approx).

I cannot claim it is in original condition because it would probably be a pile of iron oxide by now. However it is pretty close.

It has undergone several resprays and overhauls over the years, the last being undertaken by Curran Auto Repairs in South Merstham.

The engine was replaced in the mid-1990's after the car had stood unused for sometime. The replacement engine was subsequently overhauled, bored out, the head skimmed and the cam replaced with a road/race cam.

Curran Motors subesequently carried out bodywork, mechanical and detailing work. The automatic twin-choke carbourettor was replaced a manual choke and all the brake lines repaired. The chassis and bodwork were also wax-oiled. The car was booked in for a bare metal respray and restoration but it has not been undertaken.

Suprisingly, more for the test station then me, the car has just passed through its MOT without any concerns, when the garage also did an oil change and minor checks.

The car is insured on an agreed valuation basis for £5,000.

It may actually get used this year :rolleyes:

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Me again :ph34r:

Just to say my 1972 Manta A Series 1.9SR Auto is going into the Barons Auction at Sandown Race Course on 29th and 30th October 2012. It now shows just over 73,000 miles.

No particular reason other than we don't use it and the space is needed ... wish me luck :)


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