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Front Brake Calipers


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I have known my n/s front caliper was in trouble since the first time I pressed the middle pedal. I have free'd off the sliders, popped the piston out to confirm it is clean and it seems the problem is that the main seal has swollen.

I have never heard of it or seen it before on any car, is this a known problem? The seal looks ok, the groove it sits in is perfect and clean, the piston is totally unmarked. But yet when you push the piston in it only goes about half way in and won't go any further without excessive force. I can push it in all the way, with excessive force, and it will work but is too stiff to go back in after releasing the pedal.

I think I need a new seal kit, where do you boys go for them?

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I realised that the old nova calipers were similar but different. Took the piston out of one which was the same. Stuck it into my caliper and old seal and all is good.

On measuring my old piston it was slightly mushroomed. Obviously previous owner had been a bit heavy handed with the hammer at some time.

I had the old nova caliper kicking about so I have cured my problem, same day for free.

Have cleaned it all up and put it together and we have no leaks or sticking but big free smiles.

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