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I'm Back...

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Hello ladies and gents, due to one thing and another (mainly money issues and university) the Manta had to take a back seat for a while. I gave up on it rather abruptly last summer after my newly rebuilt engine was ruined by a broken timing chain tensioner. For those of you who remember, by last year this car had driven me completely insane and i'd completely had enough. Four years of difficult restoration and nothing to show for it. But i'm going to begin work again soon after a long break - I feel fresh and ready.

This time there is no messing around. I'm rebuilding the top end of the engine and getting it running, then i'll attempt a few ideas I have to sort out this long standing problem with the fuel injection. The only parts possibly left to replace are the inlet plenum casting and the wiring loom, of which I have both spare. If it doesn't work after that i'll be going to plan B, a 2.5 V6 engine from an Omega (which was always my long term plan anyway). The freshly tuned CIH lump will go in my Firenza, which has benefited from my attention in the last 6 months in place of the Manta.

Sorry for being such a mushy git last time I was here, the car just really got to me ya know! I probably came across as a bit of a nutcase to some people :blink:

Cheers you lot, hopefully some of you remember me! Hope everyone is doing well, and your Mantas are in good order! Tom :lol:

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Welcome back Tom - guess sometimes it best to switch off to stuff when it starts to be a pain in the rs, bet you glad you didn't sell her now, stick with it , it will be worth it in the end :)

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Oh no, it's that mushy nutcase git Tom again :lol: Actually I'm sure you didn't give anyone that impression as I'm sure technical manta troubles are commonplace.

Have you finished looniversity now mate? Should give you more options and expenditure for your cars if so.

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Good to see you back :D

I remember your post aboot the engine problem! dinna worry, your nah the first! and you'll nah be the last!

Main thing is; you've had a wee break, your back and your not given up (respect)

GL and? where's the Firenza pictures??? ;)



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Thanks guys (and Toni), its gonna be better this time around. I'll have to get my membership sorted out again.

I will be about in S. Wales over the next 18 months or so, i'm doing a part-time year at uni this year so I can dedicate some time to things I need to get done. The cars are next on the list, and they need to be done by September as thats when my final year of uni will start. Not sure if I can make the easter monday show, i'll be working over the easter holidays, but in the summer i'll definately be up for some shows.

I'll get some of the Firenza resto pics on here when I get some time, i'll have many more in a couple weeks aswell because getting the Firenza running again is first on the hit list. I can put up some pics of the welding in the meantime if anyone is interested.

Cheers everyone, thanks for the warm welcome back! B)

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