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Replacing The Oil Pressure Sender & Gauge Question


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Access to the sender is limited by the exhaust manifold (2.0L S). How can I get to it and unscrew it? Is there a method / trick?

I've connected my voltmeter (I ditched the ammeter), water temp and oil pressure gauge (to the old sender) but the oil pressure shows MAX. What have I done wrong?

The 3 gauges have been connected to a common earth (wires spliced together), and common live feed (off the fuse box) - A series manta..

The voltmeter reads 13V. The temp gauge also reads max as soon as i turn the ign key...

advice please


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Oil pressure sender can give open circuit if:

1) Broken wires - most common but not likely your problem if going to the terminal directly.

2) Broken sender - quite likely from all those years of heat.

3) connected to wrong terminal - if on the oil light terminal instead once you have pressure gives open circuit.

You are using the correct twin terminal sender aren't you?

As you obviously have other problems too sort these out first or you may end up swapping sender for no reason (doesn't sound like it but still wise)

Can be changed with manifold in place by using a shortened spanner. I have done it but does incurr plenty of cuts. I do not advise others to. I'm happy enough to grow more knuckles.

Up to 13.8 Volts isn't uncommon for a battery reading with engine running.

Disconnect the temp sender wire. If temp stays at zero you might have a voltage reglation issue. If goes through the roof, wiring or short issue.

Temp gauge I would expect to expect a regulated +ve feed. Other two will not.

These aren't that hard but beware potential damage / loss if you don't know what you are doing.

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thanks for the reply

The pressure gauge is working now but shows extremely good pressure (8/10) is this too good to be true?

The temp gauge doesn't read max - my mistake - it reads MIN and it doesn't budge from there... I've used 17amp wire to connect to the sender... is this too much? should i use 5-8amp instead?

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