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What Year Was My Manta Built


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Hi to everyone,

can anyboby tell me how to find out what year and month was my new A series Manta built so that I can find out if it is tax free. I now have 2 A series Manta's my other one is a 1974 N reg regested Oct 74 that was built in July 1973. My new one is a 1973 M reg regested Aug 73, But I dont now when it was built yet, so can anybody help.

Also if it was built before January 1973, how do I go about claiming free tax? Thanks for any information given.

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I thought you have already received the information when you last asked the same a couple of months ago, or was that another Ray?


I've just bought another Manta that is older than the other one.

Thanks Ray.

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There's not a full list. As A series Registrar I have a list of some that I can use to prove whether a car is tax exempt. If this is the case I am then authorised by the DVLA to write a confirmation letter that they will accept (along with copies of the documents from GM) to change the class. The chassis number starts with a two digit code for the model (59), then the next digit is a date code (2,8,9 or 5 usually). As the other six digits are sequential then I can sort most out from the ones I've got. As a rough rule of thumb, if your number starts 5999 it won't be tax exempt as this series started in January 73, if it starts 5998 it probably is (although a few of these were built in January 73). If it starts 598 then it definately isn't as that series started production July/August 1973.

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