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Xe Engine Mounts In A Manta A


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Hi, I have bought a manta A with an XE in it but theres a few things im not happy with and wondered if someone on here would be able to help me;

Firstly what engine mounts should be fitted as my current ones are manta b with a 10mm plate underneath to raise the engine but it knocks off the steering rack at full tilt,

What radiator would you recommend to use its got a standard manta a rad at the mo but she can get a little hot

Also there seams to be a weep of oil in my water but no water in my oil and i cant work out what it can be anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance Rory

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Hi Rory

Not sure about the A but im running the 50mm Capri mk3 mounts on my B with the XE but i think they are like hen's teeth now.

You can buy these engine mounts from any decent motor factor, ralley design, various ford based outlets, ebay etc etc

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i have a set of new mounts here Rory could rop them of with your clocks if you want sent you a pm, A manta B GTE radiator will work perfectly with the XE and fits straight in, maybe your A series rad is a 1600 one or if its a 1900 may have slightly blocked waterways.

Your head gasket may be on the way out with the oil in the water, that wont help your heating problems either

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