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Please Help Oil Pressure Gauge On Max

paris gte

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Hi can anyone help ive spent the whole bank holiday trying to get my oil pressure to work on my b reg gte :angry: this is what happens

when i turn the key stright away it got to max (as far right as dial will go) and stays there when enging running. when i turn the key off after about 15-20 seconds it got back to 0 (as far left as possable).

haynes manual no help can anyone advise or have had this problem before

thanks in advance for any help


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Sounds like the gauge isn't connected to the sender. Could be as simple as the cable coming adrift from the sender, or could be a broken cable. I think the cable gets brittle around the sender due to being so close to the manifold.

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Oil gauge reading high on open circuit and is not voltage regulated. Everything is built into the instrument pod with the exception of one wire to the sender for gauge and one for light.

If wire breaks to gauge terminal - open circuit reads max.

If sender broke - open circuit reads max.

If oil warning light and gauge wire confused - when pressure reached and light would go off - open circuit reads max and oil light may glow dimly or not.

Can be removed with manifold in place using a cut down spanner - would not recommend to others as will get cut.

When undoing the connections off the top one is a spade and one a ring.

Do not hold sender and undo the terminal nuts. Bakerlite type insulator will usually shatter. Grip the flat sided portions of the threaded pins at the tip and then use a spanner on the nuts.

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