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Who's The Manta Owner On The Shetland Isles?


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Thurs twa Ian, and if yae dinae git wan thur Ian drap in past Dunblane thurl bi wan waiting fur yae. :D

Or startin fae thi Borders yae could hiv wan awe thi road up and doon if yae like, awe yae wid need tae dae is travel West, Central und East snake yur way up thi road.

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Eye'll tak thi hi rood un ulz tak thi Lo rood un

Eye'll bee awn SCOTLAND afore Eee , Fur mi

un mae trew luv wull niver meat awgan un thi

bonny, bonny Bancs aft Loch Lomondzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZzzzzzz

Mind them winey roods Ian .... ;)

( Rab, I ken ear ya singin it thi noo ! ) :P

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