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Line Of Manta Waiting To Be Cashed In For Gov. Refund

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every one says that, and its the one that cost the least, against the 400R and the (9,000 mile exclusive)

and I use the 1.6 as a every day car (47k miles original), it must be the original 70's colour.

the way it is,

the 400R is pure fun, loud, brash, exciting, (A FUN CAR)

the exclusive, basically afraid to drive it (insured to the max)

Yellow car is my fav to drive, their is just something about it.

but they all are different!






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They all look the buisiness!

The ATS classics on the yella fella, are they the newer deep dished ones or is it just the camera lense or something??

I DO LIKE the young and old pic :)

Very, Very, Very nice, what anyone sees in modern day cars, I will never know. I'd like to see the above question answered too.


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yep still 4 speed box. 16s (cih) on carb, GTE tartan interior

The wheels are 8x13 inch ats classic made in 1972, maybe off a ascona A rally car. same as manta b wheels only they were 6x14, I think!

they are remaking them again. have one spare 9&half x13, its like as basket ball!

plans for yellow car is either, leave exterior the way it is

2.0s cih on twin forties, with 5 speed gte box,

XE injection, with 18s box


v6 2.5 , 3.0 cams and 2.0 carlton box, (stronger than 18 box) same bellhousing

corsa power steering is next though as those rim, are busting my arms when trying to park, or join a gym!!

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quote "corsa power steering is next though as those rim, are busting my arms when trying to park, or join a gym!!"

Dinnae park it then..................just drive:)

Think I'm gonna get a set o' wide ATS classics for my GTE,it's got standard 14" alloys on it just now. Not sure how it'll look . Most folk would up the rim size but I just love wee wheels,......................................the VW crowd are into the stretched rubber look but I'm thinking wide wheel-wide tyre.

Anyone have thoughts on the above??


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