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Gte Dizzy Wiring


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I've just bought a Bosch electronic dizzy and coil for my Opel GT. :)

The first question relates to the wiring ie. Does the black wire, of the three, connect to an ignition switched source or the coil +ve?

I presume the brown is ground and the green is coil -ve.

Secondly, does the GTE use a resistor wire in the ignition circuit from the ignition switch to the coil?

I don't, unfortunately, have a Manta GTE wiring diagram to which I can refer. :(


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Brown is earth

Add a wire to bypass the resistance wire, an ignition live.

The resistance wire is usually crimped into a terminal with a black wire that gived 12V Cranking - that gives you the location of the ignition live.

Green is just green.

Pic might help, might not


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Thanks for the speedy reply. :)

Nearly there! If I'm interpreting correctly what you state then -

On the dizzy harness:

Brown = earth

Green = coil -ve

Black = coil +ve

No ballast wire in Manta so run a new ingition switched wire in place of original ballast wire.

Et voila! Maybe


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