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Sort of Manta related as it's stopping me from keeping it in the garage! I'm just doing the engine on my Astra which started of as just a water pump change but now is an engine out with a strip and clean, paint and replacing various parts (needs to be reliable as I do around 250 miles a week in it). I need to replace the oil pump as half of it has corroded away! I've never had to buy an oil pump before so what should I looking to pay for a new one? I know where I can get a genuine one for £49. Oh, it's for a mk3 1.4 C14NZ engine (yes I know it's slow but simple and cheap to repair :rolleyes: ). Back to the garage now to work on the head.

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snap! ive got a mk3 1.4 estate , single point injection for extra economy and slowness . reliable ,cheap and practical/basic .

cheap aftermarket oil pumps will work , but if you rely on it heavyly definatly get a genuine one ,£50 sounds reasonable .

we fitted FAI and a few other cheap makes at work over the years to astra's (£25-£35) and while most the time its ok , we have had 2 or 3 that were faulty out the box .

one had pressurized so much that after running for 10 seconds causing the tappets to hold the valves open so that it would misfire its way to a stop and not start again for 15 mins!

another had good pressure on the 1st run then no pressure the next time it started .

i wouldnt take the chance.

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