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How Do You Set Up Rocker Arms?


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Help please anyone? Had a rocker arm break which has now been replaced thanks to paul mcclung. On changing this i checked the others at the same time. Not having a haynes manual at the time i think i've made a mistake. Not knowing how to set them up i nipped up all rocker arms till there was no free play. Car now runs on 4 cylinders again but runs terribly with terrible misfire. Can anyone tell me how it should be done and set up properly? Cheers again everyone.

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Hydraulic tappet version you set with engine running.

If already fitted you would back off till rattles then tighten to just stops then quarter turn wait till engine runs even and repeat three more times.

Most people have a spare rocker cover with top cut out as oil goes everywhere

Otherwise steel shield over cam chain.

If you don't have one already get a cheap second hand haynes manual off ebay.

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