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Well it does have more Horse-Power than its done miles ...

& to find a four seater saloon with that amount of BHP is ,

I would say : pretty rare .. Now if I had any of my recent Euro

Lottery winnings left , I would probably have a stab at this.. :wacko:

I almost bought one in 2000 and whilst doing some research discovered

that with just a little fettling and chipping up it could be brought up to 1000 BHP... :o

I hope Clive reads this thread as he is right into his nissan nismology and

would say whether it was worth the dosh or not .

Strange Hood ?

& whats with all this ' TOP SECRET ' stuff ..... :ph34r:

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Well when if you consider that a 50,000 mile R34 GTR goes for around £25,000

Then couple that with a hell of a lot of very expensive mods yet alone the costs of stripping down the shell to seam weld it, I could well believe that someone has spent £75,000 on this car, BUT......... is it worth £75,000, that would only be in the buyers perception.

I,ve recently been looking at Bayside Blue R34 GTr's (just in case I make some money out of my house sale) but FFS they fetch good money in spot on condition and modified ones cost a lot more over the average asking price.

If I had the cash I would go for a low mileage, moderately modded (500 BHP) standard looking Bayside Blue R34 GTR with some nice wheels, but I'd be looking in the region of £40,00

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as nice as they are, and given the opportunity, cash permitting most of us would like one, "rice rockets" just dont allow you to tinker about and get your hands dirty. everything is computer controlled, sensors on absolutely everything. cant really pop down to your local motorist discount on a sunday morning for a service kit.


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The price is steep but then they are "THE" company to have tune a GTR.

I have had 3 skylines now and they are not for the diy man unless you fancy doing a degree in electronics and mastering the black art of Mapping.

My current car R32GTR has had just on £20k spent over the last 3 years and is now producing 580bhp using about 3/4 of the boost available from the turbo i have fitted.

I now need some stronger springs in the waste gate to allow her to boost up to 2bar.

Should be interesting then LOL

Stupid thing is that i have more interest in Suz manta than i do in the skyline at the moment.

Go figure that one out.


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I do love the R33/34's but why spend sooooo much on a modded 2nd hand motor when you could buy the latest model for less, co-incedentaly I saw the new ones arriving at the dealers in Edinburgh today, coming out of covered transporters!!!!!!!!

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Hmmm...he's obviously spent a lot of money on it to achieve that horsepower....but someone needs to tell him that spending money modifiing your car is basically the next best think to flushing it down the toilet....and rarely if ever do you get it back in resale value :rolleyes:

And why is it once GTRs seem to achieve these sort of HP figures the owners taste goes out the window and the cars look hideous!...?

I have a 500hp GTR.....500hp is the 'Bang for your buck' limit with them...they can acheive this easily and cheaply......after that the law of deminishing returns apply and you end up spending lots of $$$$ for not much HP.

I imported mine 4 years ago from here , it cost about 10'000 pounds landed in Australia, I have now spent 10'000 pounds on it, its current market value here is probably still 10'000 pounds

A quick check on that site shows an R34 GTR with over 1000hp for about 30'000 pounds

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