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1979 Manta Looking For Good Home

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Hi Andy.

Looks as though its heading to the good life, kept awe secret maby if wi still jist had Manta Magic wid hiv been quiet fur 4 month, on here milli seconds. Look forward to seeing doon Billing at some point.

cheers rab.

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1979 Manta is now in Lincolnshire and in the garage. Drove up to Scotland last Saturday with Steve Grundy. We used Micks Defender to pull my car trailer as my Volvo was off the road with Brake problems.

We managed to get the Manta started, by first removing the plugs and cranking her over to achieve oil pressure. In with the plugs, new petrol in the tank and easy start sprayed into the carb :thumbup. Manta was running in 10 minutes.

We had a really nice time with Linda and her family, Linda talked about her fathers affection for the car and all their memories of life with the "Manta" during the 80's and 90's.

The drive back was brightened up by passing a 4x4 with a red Manta coupe on a car trailer going north up the M6. Where is that one going? looked really good from 100m and at 55MPH :lol:

I have now had time to look around the Manta which we have christened "John" after her father. All his structual areas, chassis rails,jacking pionts, bulkheads, battery tray are immaculate. He will require wings, sills,and arches to put him back to new condition. The doors are repairable but I will change them for A1 conditioned ones when they become available.

Interior is the lovely dark blue velor and is in show room condition (seat covers all it's life) carpets are A1 and so are the floors.

Engine sounds nice and sweet, (30K only) I will post up pictures when I get to to how to do it :thumbup I will be keeping in regular contact with Linda showing her the the progress of "John Manta"

Nice project and it is my intention to keep her standard, Brakes & Auto transmission and all.

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