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What Tank Do I Need


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hi, i will at some point be converting my cav coupe to run 16v.

my question........i have a perfectly good coupe tank, but it was used on a carbed car.

can i still use this by fitting a return on it? or have i GOT NO OPTION other than to buy an injection tank.

I have been told that it will have to be an injection tank as it has a swirl pot in it

haven't really got clue and money's getting a but tight at the moment so i cant afford to buy something i dont really need


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hi sean , i have known of folk just fitting a return and using it as is , if memory serves the lack of a swirl pot (which can be bought ) just meant they always kept it over a quarter of a tank to reduce surging under braking & cornering

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Yup, you can just fit a return into the carb tank but if you do nothing else be careful as Pat said- under hard cornering etc. if the feed can't get any fuel the engine is still revving hard before all of a sudden it has no fuel to burn- excess heat / piston-cylinder scoring is the result if you're not careful. Another way is to use a separate swirl pot fed from the tank by a low pressure pump and then fit the high pressure injection pump to the swirl pot then you have no problems at all but again, this will cost a bit.

If you do buy a fuel tank be careful what you get- I paid a little over what I could have because it was a 'good' tank but it needed welding up anyway due to a few leaks in the bottom. To be fair the pipe fittings etc. were solid though.

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