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Floor Panels


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I'm currently building a Manta B track car.

Three months ago the car was delivered to a local garage to have the floor welded up. Last week it was returned. I nearly killed the man- he has destroyed my shell!


so now I need to cut out the floor entirely and replace with new panels- trouble is I can't find anybody who makes them.

Do you guys know anywhere? Dr Manta can't help.

Thanks for your help.


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Holy crap !!!!

Thats the worst bodgery i have ever seen from a "garage"

Half those spot welds wont hold and a lot of them dont even seem to have penetration. Where exactly is that a shot of?

I keep thinking of starting on my own in restoration business and if thats the standard of what is coming out of some garages then i will be minted before long LOL

Good luck with the replacement

For the record the 200 sx floor fits with some persuasion ^_^


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Thanks fellas, that is actually a pic of the footwell, inner wheel arch. Nice work eh?

Here are some more shots of his quality work.

And no, he hasn't been paid, the car was delivered to my house on Friday, I have spent all weekend trying to undo what he has messed up.




Still trying to stop myself going round his house and lamping him

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Fecking shocking! It seems as tho, he can't weld, his mig is fecked and he has a very shaky hand! probably a bad drink problem.

The only good thing! is you should be able to cut all the crap out, and going by the pictures, he's plated on top,

of the panels! so you'll still have the orignial shape.


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