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Hello From Sunny Brighton!


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Hey everyone..

I'm Tom, I'm 29 and I'm from Brighton

I have been a manta 'enthusiast' (I guess thats one word for it.. ) for years.. and was a member of the v8 register some time ago!

I've owned 10+ manta's now (all b's all coupes.. never was a hatch man)

well, after some time away from the fold i'm back, looking at another bit of weekend fun.. ( if your idea of fun is welding up chassis rails and running out of fuel while the guage says 1/2) all full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm.. (until it rains.. or i need the damn thing to pass an mot)

so hello! and you may see me at a meet sometime soon... pushing an opel... ;)

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Hi Tom

Your a blast from the past!

I cant remember how long its been since we last met, must of been at the V8 birthday bash?

Met up with Sean O'Connell (V8 Ascona) 4 weeks back.

Have you heard from anyone from the V8 Reg?

Good to hear yor still around.

Paul (Bib)

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Hi Tom, I'm also from Brighton (well Hove actually!) and theres a few of us local, drop me a pm because we are all due a meet up sometime soon at a local pub. Up for it? :thumbup

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! yes sadly c997 vlf was stolen in a tragic accident involving an EX mate, a sob story and NO cash changing hands.. very sad.. last i heard it had been painted matt black and was by all accounts f**ked... :angry:

Hey Paul, my god, the last time i saw Kermit was at the pod i think.. probably a couple of years ago.. always good fun.. and always 'more beer' i think was the phrase.. :lol: glad to see some old faces still about!

well, i'm off to see a manta on monday so we'll see how that goes.. fingers crossed it actually has chassis rails and a spare wheel well.. but you cant hope for everything!

and I'm definately up for a pub meet soon! :thumbup so count me in!

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Hey dude, good to hear there's another local 'enthusiast'; I'm in Brighton & have got a blown V8 hatch (sorry) although it's not been in one piece for longer than I can remember (boo). Be good to see ya at a meed some time, with or without a Manta (it's painfully unlikely I'll have one with me..) but Perywinkle and the likes will put us to shame no doubt.

Roy mate! How ya doing? Got a Manta on the road? I was up at Seans the other day, he's got enough for all of us!

Any ideas on a meet? Count me in! I'm away the 20th/21st weekend (so no Beaulieu for me - bollox!) but largely free otherwise :thumbup


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Well I've got the coupe 'back together', just got to tidy the wiring under the bonnet, give the engine a once over with the timing gun and give it a serious polish. Then I'm going to see our mate Phil Warren (you might remember him?!) for an MOT. I know I don't need tax but do I have to have insurance to take it for an MOT?

Anyway once thats done hopefully it will look like this again.......


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Yes you do if your driving it there..

Just got the cav all legal and gave it a run out today for the first time all sweet,so whens the next meet up?? will be good to meet Doggy and see pez again and see Pauls v8 once more.

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